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Whether your organization has worn out its "supposed" rugged computers or it is still trying to wear out ARMOR equipment, we have developed a program that will suit your needs. Because DRS Technologies has fielded more computing systems in extreme environments than any other company in the world, we realized the need for a leading solution in IT asset trade-in and data destruction for both military and commercial markets. AnythingIT is a leader in IT asset recovery trade-in and recycling programs, and ARMOR Rugged Mobile Solutions from DRS have formed an alliance to offer companies one of the most comprehensive programs available. The Re-ARMOR program provides the highest possible trade-in values on legacy equipment in a way that is compliant with all government and environmental regulations.
Why choose Re-ARMOR?
For most organizations, managing the retirement of
legacy equipment can be a challenge that puts a strain
on many internal IT departments in areas such as:
  • Packaging & removal of equipment
  • DoD compliant data destruction (where applicable)
  • Recovery of the highest market value via trade-in
  • Staying compliant with all state and federal environmental laws
  • Inventorying in compliance with property management
Factors for receiving the maximum Fair Market Value (FMV) include:
All equipment must be audited by AnythingIT and found to be in complete and working order.
If the project commences in the near term, there is a greater chance of values being higher.
Assets or Peripherals that are missing which would prevent equipment from functioning in a material manner have no residual value. Missing components such as A/C adapters, batteries, CD/DVD drives, or floppy drives will receive a reduction for replacement.

ARMOR™ Rugged Mobile Solutions from DRS Technologies excel in real life working conditions and harsh environments. Based on 25 years of experience developing military computer systems that survive in the harshest environments.

ARMOR™ provides flexibility, mobility and docking capability for use in vehicles as well as a clipboard replacement Today these computers are widely deployed in public safety, transportation, field service, heavy industry, and government agencies.
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This program is the sole responsibility of AnythingIT. DRS claims no responsibility for any issues related to recycling, transportation or non-compliance of trade-in products. Onsite packaging and shipping are optional for an additional fee. Specifications and trade-in values are subject to change without notice. Corporate names and trademarks stated herein are the property of their respective companies. Please contact for updated trade-in values.